About Traveling with Autism

 Beaches Negril, Special Needs is a SpecialityBeaches Negril Autism-friendly resort

ASD Vacations was founded by Alan Day. Alan is an accomplished and experienced travel agent. He also has a son who has Autism Spectrum Disorder.

What would you want from a special needs travel agent ? The following combination will provide you with all of the help that you need for a wonderful family vacation:

You need somebody with Extensive Travel Industry Experience. We’ve been in the industry since 1999 and we’re Certified Sandals and Beaches Specialists (Gold). Sandals own and operate Beaches Resorts.

You need somebody with a host of Insider Contacts. We have all of the contacts that you need and this makes us the perfect intermediary between you and your vacation destination. We partner with the very best so that you can enjoy the very best vacation experience.

You need somebody with the Specialized Tools that give access to the best information and the best travel deals. Via our association with Travel Planners International, we have state of the art technology and tools. We have access to all of the deals that the big industry sites have. Our difference is our people.

You need Somebody that Cares. We’ve lived the frustration of dealing with people who are merely “following the process” and either don’t understand or don’t care or both. We answer every email. We return every phone call. We pay attention to every detail of your family’s specialized situation. We will always treat you with respect, understanding and caring. You deserve nothing less.

You need somebody that Understands Special Needs from the Inside. While no two people with autism are the same and no two of their families are the same, either we have faced many of the same challenges that you do or we have the perspective from which to understand them.

You need help from a Professional in the Field of Autism. In the interest of candor, we should say that we are not, ourselves, therapists or professional medical practitioners in the field of autism. However we do work very closely with some of the leading providers and academics in the field.  We have become recognized as the industry’s leading experts in traveling with autism and are constantly asked for interviews or articles about special needs travel.

What do you need ? Help. We’re here to provide it. Contact us today.